Our tasks are separated into our organizations: Upstream, Integrated Gas and New Energies, Downstream. Our Projects and Technology association deals with the conveyance of Shell's significant activities and drives our examination and development.
Our Upstream association deals with the investigation for and extraction of unrefined petroleum, flammable gas and gaseous petrol fluids. It additionally markets and transports oil and gas, and works the foundation important to convey them to advertise.
Our Integrated Gas association deals with our condensed gaseous petrol (LNG) exercises and the creation of gas-to-fluids (GTL) fills and different items. It incorporates gaseous petrol investigation and extraction, and the activity of the upstream and midstream foundation important to convey gas to advertise. It markets and exchanges flammable gas, LNG, raw petroleum, power, carbon-discharge rights and furthermore markets and sells LNG as a fuel for hard core vehicles and marine vessels.
In New Energies, we are investigating arising openings and putting resources into those where we accept adequate business esteem is accessible. We center around new powers for transport, for example, progressed biofuels, hydrogen and charging for battery-electric vehicles. We additionally center around power from low-carbon sources, for example, wind and sun based just as flammable gas. Our Downstream association oversees distinctive Oil Products and Chemicals exercises as a component of an incorporated worth chain that exchanges and refines raw petroleum and different feedstocks into a scope of items which are moved and showcased around the globe for homegrown, mechanical and transport use. The items we sell incorporate gas, diesel, warming oil, flight fuel, marine fuel, biofuel, ointments, bitumen and sulfur. What's more, we produce and sell petrochemicals around the world. Our Downstream association likewise oversees oil sands exercises. Our Projects and Technology association deals with the conveyance of our significant tasks and drives examination and advancement to grow new innovation arrangements. It offers specialized types of assistance and innovation capacity for our Integrated Gas, Upstream and Downstream exercises. It is additionally answerable for giving practical initiative across Shell in the regions of security and climate, contracting and obtainment, wells exercises and ozone harming substance the executives.